January 2019

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax is Here!

Posted on Jan 29, 2019

The speculation and vacancy tax is here and there's no way to ignore it, if fact, our new government has made a point to make sure nobody can ignore it unless you don't mind forking over several thousand dollars. 

I received my tax letter yesterday.

The NDP has initiated this tax with the idea to simplify things but, in what seems like a rookie mista...

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Tandem Parking - What is it and Why Should You Care About It?

Posted on Jan 23, 2019

Tandem parking is a term used to describe two parking stalls with one of the spaces placed behind the other causing one space to block the other. The reason this design is used is to allow for thinner Townhouse units to be built, increasing density and reducing build cost while complying with local zoning bylaws and allowing for increased on-site p...

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Some Home Values Are Going Down.  Here's a Look At How The Top 10 Are Doing.

Posted on Jan 01, 2019

The BC Assessment numbers are out for 2019 and the most expensive Vancouver homes from a year ago have all lost assessed value. READ MORE: BC’s new top 10 most expensive residential properties The list, based on how much a home was assessed at as of July 1, 2018, was released online on January 1, 2019. The highest-valued home last year was Chip W...

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