The importance of having your Attic looked at while getting your home inspected will give you some Peace Of Mind to assess Water damage, Adequate insulation, Rodent damage or if there has ever been any fire damage. Getting an inspection in the Attic can determine the history of a home and determine serious problems or clues not seen or known by the previous home owner.Three areas an inspector should take a closer look at:structural damage.jpg1. Structural DamageHaving your attic inspected for structural damage will help the buyer indicate whether or not the house has shifted. The inspector does this by looking at the trusses and rafters for any damage which might cause them to break and crack.Making sure the quality of the wood construction is proper and correct to ensure that the roof will not leak or sag.If there has been previous fire damage to the wood, there will be visible black marks on the damaged wood.You will also see water stains in the attic if the roof has or is currently leaking due to the water entering the home from the roof and not from the sides.2. Proper InsulationMaking sure an attic is properly insulated for your climate can save cost on your heating bills in the winter, and cooling expenses in the summer.An inspector should know if the insulation has been placed properly and in the correct direction. proper insulation.jpg3. Chimney & Rodent damageAlthough an inspector will not be able to see the interior of the chimney, you can have some peace of mind by assessing the exterior of the chimney shaft.An inspector can determine if the chimney has been sealed properly from where the attic meets the roof to the floor and also look for cracks in the bricks.Often rodents enter the attic from loose boards or eaves and cause serious damage to the wires, insulation and wood. It is very important to make sure that there are no openings for wild life to get in as they can strip electrical wires, causing a fire hazard.For more check out I find it inspections at: call me today to discuss your options. 604-813-5130